Balancing machines for crankshafts and much more..."Remember, if it rotates, you can balance it!"

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The original CWT balancing machine!

The Multi-Bal 3000 crankshaft balancing machine utilizes the latest in computer driven hardware, and is supported with our own proprietary software.  This control software is key to its speed and accuracy - a feature unmatched by the competition...

Features Overview:

Here is a screen-view of the balancing machine's control software's main screen:

Our software also offers unlimited data storage for bob-weight information, part numbers, and part description:

Our "Heavy Metal" vector allows accurate placement of heavy metal slugs...eliminates hours of labor and mistakes:

Our available heavy metal stand:

Here is a shot of balancing drive-line tooling:

The drill includes a drill scale:

The Multi-Bal 3000: More information...

The analyzing electronics built into our crankshaft balancing machine are state-of-the-art, which allows our balancing machine to give you extremely fast and accurate analysis of a crankshaft or rotating part.

This allows "real time" updating of the correction requirements before you cut the first chip.  This single feature will allow you to quickly and accurately correct the unbalanced crankshaft.  You can complete work two to four times faster than with any other balancing machine available on the market today.

The balancing machine itself weighs 4090 pounds.  The base, filled with a special resin material, eliminates any residual vibration.  The entire casting is encapsulated with steel to give it a long and durable life.  Each bed is cured for six weeks and all mounting registers are machined in our CNC machining center.  This construction insures perfect mounting of our stanchions and optional drill platform.

Our cast drill platform can be moved from position to position with fingertip motion.  The key is the linear roller system that is standard on all drill platforms.  Once you have positioned the drill, our heavy-duty air clamp system holds the drill (or mill/drill) firmly in place.

We offer many balancer models in addition to the Multi-Bal 3000 - including the Multi-Bal 5000 and the Multi-Bal 5000HD (Heavy Duty) balancing machines.  Please call us today to see what balancing machine might best fit your needs.

The bottom line expectation of any balancing machine should be accuracy and profit...this balancing machine provides just that.  It can open the door to new potential markets, such as industrial balancing machine applications...balancing pumps, armatures, and roll pin shafts are just a few of the considerations.

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