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Balancing machines for industrial applications, crankshafts, cams, propellers, drive shafts, prop-drive shafts, fan assemblies, and about anything that rotates that you can think of are designed and proudly built by CWT Industries in the USA!

As our website shows, CWT is ready, willing, and above all, has the design know-how, experience, and facilities to custom-build balancing machines to meet your needs.

When a customer needed a one-off balancing machine for balancing 1200 pound 16 cylinder crankshafts, they came to CWT. That led to the development of the CWT Multi-Bal 5000HD. The machine below shows how CWT adapted the already proven and popular Multi-Bal 5000 to the needs of a client. Those are but two examples of the capabilities of CWT Industries.

Please take a look around our website to see the many, many applications that can benefit from a custom-designed CWT balancing machines, and then give us a call to find out how we can help meet your needs.


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