Balancing Machines for Power Generators:

Balance generators and generator components: armatures, shafts, and more..."Remember, if it rotates, you can balance it!"

CWT builds machines that can balance generators and generator components:

When a prominent business that rebuilds and balances large diesel generators had a balancing need, they contacted CWT industries.

This led to the design of the CWT Multi-Bal 5000HD (Heavy Duty) model. In this image, the machine is easily balancing a Cummins QSK-60 16 cylinder crankshaft which weighs 1200 pounds:

A large crankshaft such as this is but one example of CWT's engineering and build capability. Any rotating part in a generator can benefit from proper balance, which will decrease vibration, noise, prolong bearing life, and decrease heat. Additionally, cooling fans and fan shafts as well as generator components such as armatures and commuter shafts can benefit from proper balancing.

Contact CWT today with your generator balancing needs and see what CWT can do for you.

Equipment recommended:

CWT Multi-Bal 5000

CWT Multi-Bal 5000V (Vertical)

CWT Multi-Bal 5000HD

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