Balancing Machines for World Class Racing


Balance crankshafts, cams, brake rotors, fan assemblies, and much more..."Remember, if it rotates, you can balance it!"



CWT builds machines that can balance virtually any part of a race-car:

In competitions where "second place is first loser", it is the small details that often separate the the victor from the spoils. There are countless applications in automotive balancing - especially when racing is taking place. Crank balancing is the most often thought of application, but any rotating part, such as camshafts, brake rotors, flywheels, fans, etc. can benefit from proper balancing. High-RPM applications require critical tolerances to prevent failures at inopportune moments. Proper balancing can prevent vibration, heat build-up, and prolong bearing life. Properly balanced components in racing applications can be critical when it comes to whether one will stand on the podium or not.

Equipment recommended:

CWT Multi-Bal 5000

CWT Multi-Bal 5000V (Vertical)

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