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North Geelong Engine Reconditioners

Victoria Australia   

Testimonial by Allan Morgan:

Just to let you know that I am really happy with my balancer, it is certainly exactly what you said it would be, the quality of the balancer was certainly evident on a few engine assemblies that have been tested on a dyno were the only thing that was different was the balancing, every thing else was the same as before, it had power increases on all of them, my customers were very happy, it has also highlighted that the quality of balancing from my previous supplier was not as good as it could have been, so to have quality control and know that the job is right it can only mean happy customers.

Automotive Machine Services testimonial:

"We had been looking for a balancer that would take care of our problems with heavy metal balancing, large strokes, and aftermarket cranks.  Having seen the many different balancers at shows such as, PRI, with their corresponding company’s.  Also making contact with many respectable machine shops throughout North America, we decided the 8’ CWT Balancer was the right choice.  Now having it running in our shop, we find it has even out done our expectations.  All past problems we encountered with our old machine have been eliminated.  We have expanded our balancing capabilities, taking on jobs we would have turned away before.  All around shop performance has been effected by this machine, in a positive manor.

The purchase of the balancer was not an easy task, nor should any purchase of this nature be.  However, the care and service provided by Randy was above and beyond.  Being in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, (500 Miles North of Border) we are quite used to receiving acceptable help and tech. over the phone.  Randy and the CWT staff made our purchase as painless as possible.  From the very first conversation, shipping information to cross the border, freight arrangements, to the on site training by Randy.  Keep in mind it was approximately -30’F when he was here.  Our experience was completely professional and top level performance.  We do, and will continue to recommend any shop looking at dealing with CWT."

 Thank you,

Louie Bossio

Owner & Manager,

Automotive Machine Services

Jeff Bull Race Engines


Testimonial by Jeff Bull:

Hi Judy and Randy,

We hope you are all well and doing well with the balancers. I am just dropping you a quick note to say how pleased I am with the 5000, now I am mastering how to get the best out of it.

There is still a lot to learn but I am more confident with it now.

We ran up a 555 cu in Big Block Chevy Drag Race Motor yesterday that I have just balanced and built, it has a 286-298 duration camshaft witch makes things pretty unstable at idle, but it just felt so smooth after setting the timing and adjusting the carb, I jokingly said to the chassis builder and the owner of the race car, I reckon we could stand a coin on that carb float bowl while the motor is running and it would not fall over.

So we fired the motor and it idled at around 1150 rpm placed a £2.00 British coin on its end and let go, they all thought it was going to fall over but to everyones surprise it just stood there - not even a wobble from it.  What more could you ask for from a crankshaft balance done on a CWT 5000?  It put a big smile on my face, I can tell you.

Many thanks for all your help and for supplying me with such an outstanding machine.

Jeff, (Jeff Bull Race Engines) England.

Lew's Vinton Automotive Machine

West Texas, USA

Testimonial by Lew Babenco:

I build custom one-off racing engines, from Jr. Dragsters to Blown alcohol funny car engines. I do Harley Davidson to sprint car & SCCA spec. engines. All these engines are balanced on my Multi-Bal 3000. I have owned this machine for over 5 years, and have done over 250 balancing jobs - and having a Good Reputation for my balance work keeps customers walking in the door.

Thanks, CWT.

Lew Babenco

Company: Clegg Automotive and Machine

Location: Orem, Utah

Web site: www.cleggengine.com

We have been in business for over 38 years and have performed countless crankshaft balances. We've owned three balancing machines and the CWT 5000 is by far the best machine we've ever used. It has always performed with pin-point accuracy as initially promised. A couple aspects of this machine that have stood out are its ability to balance small crankshafts and how well it can distinguish between a Chevy 305 and 350 crank; it can accurately identify the crank in minutes.

We've owned this machine for about 6 years now, thus it has been necessary to update a few things along the way. CWT's customer service has always been super helpful and efficient.

We pride ourselves on providing superior machine work to our customers and the CWT 5000 plays an integral role in helping us deliver on this promise.

Thanks for your dedication to quality in product and service!

- Earl T. Clegg (Owner, Clegg Automotive and Machine)


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